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Dynamic geology

The Head of the Chair, Professor N.V.Koronovsky
The Head of the Chair, Professor N.V.Koronovsky
The Chair trains students in two areas of specialization: (1) Geotectonics and (2) Geological Survey and Prospecting of Mineral Deposits. In 2003 a new interdisciplinary area of specialization Computer Methods in Geological Investigations was introduced.

Members of the Chair give lectures on General Geology to students not only of the Faculty of Geology but also those of the Faculty of Geography and the Faculty of Soil Science. They provide students with field training in the Crimea and Moscow region. Special attention is paid to environmental problems related to geology.

Most of the courses delivered by the Chair are supported with original textbooks and manuals written by members of the Chair. Among them are "Geomorphology" (N.P.Kostenko, 2003), "Quarternary Geology" ( A.F.Chistyakov, N.V.Makarova, V.I.Makarov, 2001), "General Geology" (N. V.Koronovsky, N.A.Yasmanov, 2002), etc.

Since 1953 the Chair has trained over 800 specialists in geology, about 100 of them got Ph.D. Among the latter are 30 specialists from China, Syria, Mexico, Cameroon, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Hungary, Viet Nam, Egypt.

The Chair's research efforts are concentrated on: theoretical and regional tectonics, geodynamics, tectonophysics, neotectonics and seismotectonics, geomorphology, space geology, history and methodology of geosciences. Investigations are carried out in different regions of Russia, overseas countries and the World Ocean.

Totally, 48 specialists are on the Chair's staff, among them 12 Sc.D, 1 Academician, 1 Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 23 Ph.D. Academician V.E.Khain and Professor N.A.Bozhko are laureates of the State Prize of the Russian Federation. 50 students and 10 post-graduate students are being taught currently at the Chair.

The Chair is responsible for the Crimean field training. Its primary goal is to acquaint the first-year students with main geological processes, including karst processes, weathering, landslides, activity of the sea and some endogenous processes. Students should understand the nature of geological processes and learn how to interpret them.

Students at the Crimean field training
Students at the Crimean field training
Investigation of tectonic evolution of supercontinents and particularly Gondwanaland- the ancient supercontinent which amalgamated formerly now fragmented southern continents is another field of research work of the Chair. It is based on many years field investigations in countries of Africa such as Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mali, Egypt, Guinea and South America (Chili) as well as theoretical investigations which are carried out by scientists of the Chair in cooperation with Institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences and others. These investigations resulted in numerous publications, including the Atlas of paleotectonic maps of Gondwanaland (editors N.A. Bozhko and V.E. Khain) and monographs such as "Upper Precambrian of Gondwanaland", "Geology and Mineral Deposits of Africa". One of the noticeable practical results of this studying is compilation of maps of prognosis for diamonds and gold based on the tectonic control of localization diamondiferous kimberlites and gold deposits. Such maps were compiled for territories of Angola, Zimbabwe, Canada, Brazil, Karelia etc.

V.V. Belousov Tectonophysics and Geotectonics Laboratory performs investigations aimed at studying main regularities of fault and fold structure development. Major techniques of research are the structural analysis and the tectonophysic modeling based on equivalent and optical materials, the analogous and computational modeling. Members of the Laboratory are studying tectonics of different regions of Russia (Caucasus, Crimea, Baikal region, Kamchatka), Canada, Angola. These investigations resulted in preparation of numerous publications and a number of monographs such as "Mechanisms of geosynclinal folding" (M.A.Goncharov), "Folding of Caucasus". Investigations of the Laboratory have practical applications for the prognosis and exploration of gold and diamond deposits and gas collectors.

Studying tectonic structures at the Nothern Timan
Studying tectonic structures at the Nothern Timan
Members of the Chair carry out researches concerning revealing and analysis of the newest tectonic movements (with application of modern geoinformation technologies), with the purpose of forecasting natural catastrophic processes. There is an experience of participation in scientific and technical substantiation of construction of the largest Russian projects - the Transsakhalin gas pipeline, pipeline CTC, the Southern Ural nuclear plant. The technique of land studying tensely-deformed conditions of territories with the help of structural-geological indicators is developed. The Chair of Dynamic Geology develops new lines of scientific research based on studying endo-exodynamic processes in the earth's crust which influence oil-gas controlling factors in sedimentary basins. There is a long-term successful experience of cooperation with associations and trusts: RAO "Gazprom", "Promgas", "Tatneft", "Lukoil", "Grozneft", etc. On the basis of use cosmic photogeological materials researches were carried out to reveal zones of the high permeability of the earth's crust and search kimberlite pipes for territory of the Arkhangelsk area. New methods for revealing explosive infringements in the covered territories are developed using field emanation mapping of under-soil hydrogen and helium.

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