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The Head of the Chair, Professor V.A.Vsevolozhsky
The Head of the Chair, Professor V.A.Vsevolozhsky
The Chair trains students in the following areas of specialization: "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology" (with getting the Bachelor"s degree, 4-year study), "Hydrogeology" and "Hydrogeoecology" (with getting the diploma of Specialist, 5-year study), "Hydrogeology" and "Hydrogeoecology" (with getting the Master"s degree, 6-year study). It is planned to offer one more specialization "Hydrogeology of Oil- and Gas-bearing Basins" for those students who wish to get their Master"s degree.

The core courses offered by the Chair are "Hydrogeology", "Hydrogeodynamics", "Hydrogeochemistry", "Prospecting and Exploration of Underground Waters", "Regional Hydrogeology", "Hydrogeoecology". All the courses are taught by specialists who have undertaken research in the areas in which they teach, among them are Professors V.A.Vsevolozhsky, V.M.Shestakov, K.E.Pityeva, R.S.Shtengelov, A.V.Lekhov; Associate Professors S.P.Pozdnyakov, A.A.Kuvaev, M.S. Orlov, C.O.Grinevsky and others.

Field training courses and practice are considered as an integral part of learning in the field of hydrogeology. Field training courses in hydrogeological, engineering geological and geocryological methods are available for the Chair"s students at a special facility in Zvenigorod (the Moscow region).

One more area in which courses are offered is "Computer Methods in Geological Investigations".

Field training in hydrogeology in Zvenigorod
Field training in hydrogeology in Zvenigorod
The range of research interests within the Chair is rather wide and includes: regional hydrogeological studies of groundwater resources formation in different environments; typification of groundwater basins, their hydrogeodymanics and balance. Recently new principles of natural groundwater resources zoning have been developed within a general framework of groundwater runoff formation. Using these principles a new map of hydrogeological zoning of the European part of the Russian Federation has been made and digital maps of groundwater runoff for North-West of the Russian Federation have been compiled.

The Chair has also a special interest in investigations in the field of hydrogeodynamics. They are aimed at studies of formation of underground waters, assessment of their supply, processes of interaction of surface and subsurface (underground) waters, solution of the problems of water contamination.

One more focus of the studies carried out by the Chair carries out is on development and introduction of methods of environmental monitoring in contaminated areas.

Staff of the Chair are also involved in investigations of the role that hydrogeodynamic processes play in the formation of oil and gas deposits.

Boat trip in the Archangelsk region
Boat trip in the Archangelsk region
The main line of basic and applied research in the field of quantitative analysis of subsurface flow&transport phenomenon is a study of technogenous impact on groundwater resources at specific sites of groundwater use and contamination, including groundwater supply, mining industry, drainage and irrigation, waste injection in subsurface formations, etc.

The main task of hydrogeochemical research is development of approaches and implementation methods for environmental monitoring of contaminated areas.

Oil and gas hydrogeology research allows to estimate the role of hydrogeologic processes in formation and development of oil&gas fields.

Currently particular emphasis is made on hydrogeoecological studies as no ecological prognosis can be made without participation of experts in the field of hydrogeology.

Environmental hydrogeology direction is developed taking into account the modern approach to environmental projects accomplishments that requires participation of environmental hydrogeologists in most of such projects.

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