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Seismics and geoacoustics

The Head of the Chair, Professor M.L.Vladov
The Head of the Chair, Professor M.L.Vladov
For those students who wish to specialize in the field of sesmics and geoacoustics the Chair offers an opportunity in two option areas: "Geophysical Methods of Investigation of the Earth's Crust" ("Seismometry") and "Geophysics" ("Marine Geophysics"). Many graduates work in leading research and industrial institutions as well as universities throughout Russia and in overseas countries.

The staff of the Chair offers a wide range of core and specialized courses, including "Exploration Seismology", "Radio Electronics", Geophysical Methods of Borehole Measurements", "Processing of Seismic Data", "Exploration Seismology of Heterogeneous and Anisotropic Media", "Marine Exploration Seismology", etc.

In teaching a large number of original text-books and manuals prepared by the Chair's staff is used. Among them is "Geophysical Methods of Well Investigations" that was the first manual in this field published in Russia.

Associate Professor V.V.Starovoitov at field works in Western Siberia
Associate Professor V.V.Starovoitov at field works in Western Siberia
The Chair is able to provide its students with excellent computer facilities at which students are not only taught in computer programming but also have an opportunity to learn about modern techniques of seismic data processing and interpretation. Students and postgraduate students actively participate in field works and take field training courses. Among them are the field course "Exploration Seismology" and study practice at the so-called "Floating University" under the aegis of UNESCO.

The Chair is a widely recognized leader in such branches of geophysical research as shallow seismic investigation, marine and fluvial seismics and acoustics, mathematical modeling of elastic waves" field, theoretical and applied tomography. More than 130 expeditions were undertaken by the Chair's staff on the shelves of the White Sea, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Barents Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the East Siberian Sea, the Bering Sea, the Chuckchee Sea, the rivers Ob, Irtish, Tobol, Amur, Volga, Oka, Kama, the Moskva river, lake of Baikal, mountain lake of Sarez, as well as water reservoirs Cimlyanskoe, Rybinskoe, Kuibyshevskoe and different objects in Mexico, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, the USA, etc.

A specialized research center "PetroGeoCenter" was established in 2001 for processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data, prospecting and development of oil and gas fields.

Engineer A.Yu.Kalashnikov doing engineering geological investigations in the Stanovoy Ridge
Engineer A.Yu.Kalashnikov doing engineering geological investigations in the Stanovoy Ridge
One of the foci of research work at the Chair is re-interpretation of data obtained by means of deep seismic sounding and refraction method from different regions of the world (Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Eastern European platform, the Western Siberia, the Barents Sea, Tibet, etc.).

The Geophysical Well Logging Laboratory deals with estimation of fracturing of oil and gas reservoirs as well as elaboration of theory, methods and devices for intensification of yield of oil and service wells using geophysical fields of different nature, frequency and intensity.

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